Device for the
Drilling resistance measurement

DRMS Cordless

DRMS Cordless

Device for the
Drilling Resistance Measurement

The DRMS Cordless is an automatic system patented, produced and developed by SINT Technology.
It is designed to measure the drilling resistance of stone materials (like marbles or other natural stones) and construction materials (like mortars and bricks).

The DRMS Cordless can measure:

  • Penetration force
  • Actual drill position
  • Rotational speed
  • Penetration rate

The DRMS works with several diamonds drills and it is also provided with a small computer including pre-installed software.

The test process is fully automatic with continuous measuring and recording of the drilling force in the depth: rotational speed and feed rate are kept constant during operation and can be continuously regulated between minimum and maximum value. 

The system has been developed to carry out on site measurements. A typical application field is for example the preservation and conservation of Cultural Heritage.

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